A Leader in Public Policy Efforts

AFAA has spearheaded legislative efforts in Minnesota and Saint Paul and has participated in food allergy advocacy at the federal level.

  • 2002 Epinephrine in Minnesota Ambulances
  • 2004 Epinephrine Accessibility in Minnesota Schools
  • 2007 Amino Acid/Elemental Formula Coverage
  • 2009 St. Paul Restaurant Ordinance
  • 2010-present FDA Food Code Rule Revision
  • 2010 US Department of Transportation Public Comments
  • 2012-present Conference for Food Protection
  • 2013 Stock Epinephrine in Minnesota Schools
  • 2013 Allergen Threshold Levels in Manufactured Food - Public Comments¬†
  • 2015 Epinephrine Accessibility for Camps, Colleges & Universities, Sports Leagues etc.